Liberty Gold Dollar Mintages

The mintages for the Liberty Head Gold Dollars varied widely from mint to mint and from year to year. Generally, the highest production took place at the Philadelphia Mint, often reaching millions of pieces per year, followed by the New Orleans Mint, with usually a few hundred thousand coins struck per year. The lowest production typically took place at the branch mints in Charlotte and Dahlonega, with most of these issues considered key dates. Limited production took place at San Francisco during the first year of operation for the facility in 1854, which would also represent the final year of the series.

The lowest overall mintage for the series occurs for the 1854-D at 2,935 pieces. The highest production occurs for the 1853 Philadelphia issue at 4,076,051 pieces.

The table below includes the mintage levels for all issues of the series.

1849 688,567
1849-C 11,634
1849-D 21,588
1849-O 215,000
1850 481,953
1850-C 6,966
1850-D 8,382
1850-O 14,000
1851 3,317,671
1851-C 41,267
1851-D 9,882
1851-O 290,000
1852 2,045,351
1852-C 9,434
1852-D 6,360
1852-O 140,000
1853 4,076,051
1853-C 11,515
1853-D 6,583
1853-O 290,000
1854 855,502
1854-D 2,935
1854-S 14,632